Schedule of Rates

effective January 1, 2015

Description Rate
Broodmares $18.00/day
Broodmares in stall $25.00/day
Foaling Fee $250.00
Hyperimmune Plasma ** $350.00/liter **
Foals at mare’s side $2.00/day
Weanlings – turned out $16.00/day
Yearlings – turned out $18.00/day
Stallions $1,000.00/month
Pen/Dry Paddock/Pasture $18.00/day
Layups $18.00/day and up
Lay-Ups in stall $25.00/day and up
Full-time Stall $25.00/day
Sales Preparation $35.00/day
Farrier – trim $30.00
Paste Wormer (Ivermectin/Strongid) $10.00

** It is NOT our policy to administer Hyperimmune Plasma to each foal,  foaled at Oak Creek Farm, but it is available upon request.

Emergency or unusual care deemed necessary by the farm varies per service.  Veterinary work is billed separately by attending veterinarian.

All rates subject to change.