Broodmares available for lease / purchase

Comes with a complimentary breeding to
Royal Memory or Tale of the Hills.

Punk Alley,  Avenue of Flags–Henie, by Theatrical (IRE)

Justwannahavefun,  Bertrando–River Sunday, by Cutlass Reality

Black Cinder,  Black Minnaloushe–Saros Luck, by Saros (GB)

Runnin Dirty,  Capote–Fundraising, by Black Tie Affair (IRE)

Thin Blue Line,  Cee’s Tizzy–My Blue Genes, by Blue Ensign

Lovely Stone, Cee’s Tizzy–Mysterious Stone, by Grindstone

The Dr is a Lady,  Desert Wine–Dr. Leme, by Dr. Blum

Cinder Rose,  Event of the Year–Saros Luck, by Saros (GB)

Lacy Love,  Event of the Year–Lacy Longlegs, by Bertrando

Sophie Hills,  Johannesburg–Sophia ofthe Hills, by Grand Slam

Long Cool Lacy,  Muqtarib–Lacy Longlegs, by Bertrando

Unwed,  Runaway Groom–Ritzy Dixie, by Dixieland Band

 broodmare prospect

Berta Savy,  Bertrando–Social Savvy, by Deputy Minister